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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Milestone

A few weeks back,  a good friend of mine asked us to cater her sister-in-law's 50th birthday. A milestone in one’s life that signifies all that has passed as well as what is to come. As a gift from her sister-in-law's husband she was given a trip to Italy. However, since all the family and friends could not join them, we were given the task of capturing the true essence of the scenic mediterranean land.
Our canvas being a beautiful back yard with lighting provided by Mother Nature herself, we had the ideal backdrop for a true alfresco dinner. We created a long family style table dressed in a cotton polished burlap topped with a crisp white hemstitch linen. The center of the table was a collection of wood, wrought  iron and patina copper candelabras all accented with deep rouge peonies, set in blue whitewashed brushed wicker baskets. One of the elements of the table that I really enjoyed was the collection of items. Some old, some borrowed and some new; all from friends that sincerely care for the birthday girl.
 After the guests arrived to the champagne cocktail bar, they were escorted to the back terrace for a vast display of Antipasti meats, cheeses, pickled vegetables, grilled whole artichokes, olives and the chef's collection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. 
 Dinner was served buffet style in three waves for guest to help themselves. The first, offered bites of pear and endive salad, assorted grilled flatbread pizzas and an artisan bread display with classic Italian spreads and dips. Once the first course was cleared,  the dinner fare was presented for the guests to choose their own dinner. The dinner consisted of  wild stripe sea bass with thousand tomato fondue, braised veal osso bucco, balsamic glazed eight piece chicken, a whole parmesan wheel filled with a wild mushroom risotto and brown sugar glazed petite carrots. Lastly, dessert was a luscious cake made by a family member. It was to die for.

As the sun went down and moon came out, it was as if the stars in the Tuscan sky were transposed onto the Atlanta skyline.


  1. JoJo asked us to come by and visit you! Beautiful event. I can see why you are the 'go to' caterer for that area! Wow. There is another blogger I follow that does really unusual party planning. If you have time and would like to visit her, drop me an e-mail.

    Congratulations on starting a blog. I hope you'll enjoy it immensely.